Saturday, 9 December 2017

How to buy Bitconnect Coins in India and make money through Lending? (Earn 1000$ per week guaranteed)


We have finally arrived at an era of the crypto currency, by now almost everybody is aware on how the “Bitcoin” took the world by storm, but this lead to a plethora of other crypto coins trying to reach the success what Bitcoin had reached.

So our topic of discussion today would be the Bitconnect Coin, so basically Bitconnect coin was one my favorite picks in the race of crypto currency due to the fact of it’s amazing feature called “Lending” which helps you earn recursive passive income just like auto pilot.

You can expect a daily/weekly income of 100$-1000$ (Rs 5,000 – Rs 2,00,000) per week depending on your investment, unfortunately the BItconnect concept still isn’t directly available in India so I will try to explain as to how you can sign up and start making quick money and take advantage of this Bit coin boom.

How to earn 1000$ per month anywhere from the world in just 3 steps?

Step 1:

Download any of the below tested secured bitcoin wallet using the lings below:
(Use the same links as these are promo code enabled links so we both will earn around 100-500rs on your first purchase of bitcoins)

1) Coinsecure -
2) Zebpay (100 rs free!) (Only App)
 Download the app:
And later click on Free bitcoins and add the code “17668986” for free 100Rs.
(For any other country apart from India use the above link) (Free 10$ on the use of the above link)

Step 2:

Purchase Bitcoins using any of the above links, it’s very user friendly and you can have this done in a fairly small amount time. Drop in a comment below if you find any issues in purchasing Bitcoins and I’ll guide you through.

Step 3:

Register an account using the below link at Bitconnect website.
1) Once you have registered, click on Deposit Bitcoin in BCC Exchange and transfer the bitcoin from your BTC wallet created in Step 1.
2) Click on Buy Bitconnect coin using your Bitcoin in BCC exchange and get your crypto currency exchanged.
3) Go to dashboard and click on “Lend BitConnect” and enter in the amount you want to lend.
4) Click on “Confirm” and start enjoying the profits!

Here is the interest rate sheet:

You can drop in your questions about Bitcoins or how to earn money through Bitcoins and I'll certainly help out.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Difference between WD Elements and My Passport + Performance Speed Test [All you need to know - 2017 Edition]

WD Elements VS My Passport Ultra [2017 Edition]

Confused on whether buying the Elements or pitching in a little extra for the My Passport?

Stray no more! This post would certainly vanquish all your doubts on the difference between the My Passport and Elements by Western Digital

A complete breakdown on which hard disk to buy whether the My passport series or WD Elements


WD Elements ( 1TB - Price range Rs 3,900 [60$]


As the name suggests “Elements” with its compact design is the most basic edition in WD’s series, it’s highly durable and considering the pricing point of this gizmo I would definitely consider this a good value for money.

Suitability: - People who want a hard disk just to dumb their data; this is one of the best hard disk out there considering its price and brand value. Certainly not for the fashionista’s out there as Elements staying true to its name has not flamboyant design and comes in just one single contrast of Grey and Black.


·                     No External Power needed
·                     Compact Design
·                     USB 3.0 Compatible 
·                     Light weight (124g)
·                     3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

WD My Passport  ( 1TB - Price range Rs 4,050 [65$] )


Comes in a nice fancy packaging, There is not much difference between the Elements and My Passport.
But this hard disk does come with some pre-installed software which might come in handy like Cloud back up and Hard disk encryption while the new Elements will only provide a trial version in their 2017 models

 WD have since updated and changed their flagship model, though specification and working still remains the same. However they have transformed style from a classic stripes design to a futuristic eye candy touch and feel, The white color Passport is an eye candy and I personally own one of these and I'm in love with it, the only drawback is the price for the My Passport - White version is the price tag, The My Passport - Black (2TB) would cost your around 7,500 rupees, however the White version would cost you around 13,000 bux! Beauty has its price - but who knew WD would make it this pricey to obtain.

Suitability:- This would be the best option to those who use their hard disk to store important data and not just to dump their data, Using the cloud back up and password protection the user can have a backup and restrict intruders in accessing there data.


·                     No External Power needed
·                     USB 3.0 Compatible 
·                     Light weight 
·                     Automatic and cloud backup
·                     Password protection & Security
·                     Read/Write Speed faster than the Elements. (Check the Speed test video for detailed reference)


Why not buy Seagate Backup Slim?

Simply put, I
 like Western Digital over Seagate due to WD’s efficient capability of handling heating issues over long period of usage.

Leave your comments below here or on Youtube for further questions.

You can purchase these hard disks with the below mentioned links (There is Cashback sale - No coupon code required):

Western Digital My Passport 2017: My Passport 1 TB - My Passport 2 TB - Western Digital Elements 2017: Elements 1 TB - Elements 2 TB -

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Amazon Great Indian Sale vs Flipkart The Big 10 sale - Best things to BUY on SALE day - Cashbacks and Promocodes

Flipkart vs Amazon

The Epic battle of e-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon is all set to start this week and get your wallets ready as it’s expected to be huge this time with Flipkart gets $1.4-billion kick start to take on Amazon The US online retailer lost out to Flipkart by a sizeable margin in the Diwali sale last October and continues to lag behind its local rival by around 25 per cent in terms of gross merchandise value (GMV) but Amazon India has planned to double storage and hire 5,000. Further, Amazon isn't just leaving it up to discounts to win customers but also introducing new ways of retaining customers such as cash back’s through Citibank and their very own Amazon Pay Balance, their own personalized wallet to shop on Amazon.

When is the sale happening?

Amazon Great Indian Sale May 11 to May 14, 2017.
Flipkart The Big 10 sale May 14 until May 18

What to look forward to this year’s sale Amazon/Flipkart Sale?

Best discounted products to buy on ‘The Great Indian Sale’ and ‘The BIG 10 Sale’

1) Apple iPhone 7

Definitely the most anticipated gadget to look forward for this sale for amazing cashback and discount, should be looking at least a 30% discount.

Last year round X box one dropped as low as 28,999 on Amazon Great Indian sale plus instant cash back of around 2,000. At 27,000 it was killer deal. Link’s below to compare between Flipkart and Amazon during the sale.


Complete details on the Great Indian Sale you need to know

DATES: 11th - 14th May
CASHBACK DETAILS: Citibank Cash Back on Credit & Debit Cards
OTHER OFFERS: Yatra Offer – Customers shopping on Amazon (min. purchase Rs.500) will get FLAT Rs 1,000 OFF on domestic hotels
TYPES OF DEALS: Blockbuster/Lightning Deals | Prime Exclusive deals | Category, Brand, and product level deals

11th - 14th May Up to 35% OFF on Mobiles
Up to 50% OFF on Mobile & Accessories
 40% - 80% OFF on Fashion
Up to 50% OFF on Consumer Electronics
Up to 70% OFF on Home & Kitchen Products
Up to 50% OFF on Industrial Products
Up to 60% OFF on Sports & Fitness goods

Up to 70% OFF on Car & Motorbike accessories

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000 Unboxing + Complete Features tutorial (GIVEAWAY)

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000 -1A3 is the latest new addition to the MASTER OF G MUDMASTER Series. Mud Resist construction helps to ensure that nothing gets into the watch when down and dirty work takes you deep into the dirt and sludge
All of the G-Shock watches have a very distinct, masculine design and the Mudmaster adds a tactical, military look that demands yo         ur attention. (The green-banded model I tested is one of three Casio is offering. The other two models include one with a black band and one with a band in khaki/sand. They all look great in my opinion.)

Multiple gaskets are used on the pipes that guide buttons and shafts, which keeps mud out. These pipes not only act to protect buttons from impact, they also enhance button operation.

Void of GPS or Bluetooth, the
 Casio G-Shock Mudmaster is a premium multi-function watch that has been designed to be practically impervious to the elements. Boasting water, vibration, shock, mud, and dust resistance – and functioning as a compass, altimeter, barometer, and thermometer – the Mudmaster is a pricy, but welcome alternative in a market slowly becoming dominated by “Smart Watches”.
Analog and Digital Watch Face
High Visibility Sapphire Crystal Lens
Tough Solar, Solar-Powered Battery
Radio-Controlled Automatic Time Adjustment
Triple Sensor for instant Altitude, Barometric Pressure, & Temperature
Stainless Steel / Resin Case
Lockable Crown
LED Face Illumination
Water Resistant to 200 meters / 656 feet
Vibration Resistant
Shock Resistant
Mud Resistant
Dust Resistant
In regards to Casio’s claims against all of the aforementioned resistances, I have done my best to check them all – and though I did not sink this sucker down to over 600 feet of water, I have really put the Mudmaster to task and can attest that it will stand up to its claims.
The G-Shock Mudmaster is built like any other premium watch found in the “Master of G” line, which is to say that is actually watches overbuilt. In order to meet all of its resistance claims, Casio baked in a series of gaskets and pipes that completely seal the five function buttons and the crown. Additionally, to meet their vibration and shock claims, the watch module itself is suspended in Alpha Gel in the case.

For a watch of its size, you would expect the Mudmaster to be a lot heavier than it is, but at 4 ounces it’s no heavier than a standard Timex Ironman watch. This is due in part to the resin casing, which makes up a majority of the components and is virtually weightless. The band is less than one-inch wide which keeps the Mudmaster from restricting wrist movement. Additionally, all of the buttons are over-sized, allowing the wearer to access all of the functions with ease, whether they’re wearing gloves or not.
My biggest fear with a new multi-function watch is the learning curve during which you need to program yourself on how to use it. Thankfully that’s not the case with the Mudmaster, which automatically sets the time and date out of the box. Besides having indicators over the compass and altimeter buttons, there are on-screen indicators to tell you which mode you’re in when utilizing the lower-left, multi-mode style button. The large button located below the “6” on the clock is designed to activate the LED face illumination feature, but you can also set the watch to have the face illuminate when you raise it towards you at a 40° angle.
A big issue with a lot of the new Smart or GPS enabled watches is battery life and charging. This isn’t a problem at all with the Mudmaster, which features Casio’s “Tough Solar” power system that has the ability to operate for nearly two years on a single charge. By design, you’ll never need to worry about charging the watch as just by exposing it to the sun the process starts automatically.

I owned my previous watch for almost ten years, so I was a little reluctant to switch over to a new one. But when it finally died, for good I was forced to start looking a rugged new timepiece to accompany me on my adventures. The G-Shock Mudmaster fit the profile of what I was looking for both in terms of durability and function. I’ve also tried a variety of smartwatches and though I like some of their features, besides checking my email or tracking my movement, they don’t offer many functions that the Mudmaster doesn’t.

Check out the video and Like/Subscribe to stand a chance to participate in a second wave free Casio Giveaway 2017.

The winner would be contacted through Gmail once you’ve liked the video and subscribed.  

Just in case you missed the first wave of giveaway, The Super illuminator series Giveaway contest which was held in the month of December can be checked here -

Monday, 24 April 2017

Philips Multi Grooming Kit Unboxing + Review

Unboxing + Review

Philips All in One Head to Toe Multi Groomer comes with a variety of attachments which takes care of the complete grooming requirement with close to 60 adjustable integrated length settings allow beard trims, stubble combs, and body hair clipping to mention a few.

I really liked the complete packaging and design of the Phillips grooming Kit and Phillips has already set its mark in the electronics industry for its reliability and its top class products. I’ve been using the product for quite some time now and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the experience I had with Philips. I did not feel the need for making any additional purchases on grooming products as this product truly gives the meaning to the phrase “All-in-One”. For 3,500 Rupees I feel this is a steal deal!

Attachments received with the product:

  • -          Bodygroom shaver + Body trimming comb
  • -          Full –Size metal guard trimmer
  • -          Beard and Moustache comb
  • -          Detail trimmer
  • -          Nose trimmer
  • -          Detail and Eyebrow comb

Tutorial on how to use the attachments on the Philips Multigroom Kit


Praiseworthy Features of the product:

  • -          Amazing batter Life ( Even provides a 5 mins quick charge for a quick trim)
  • -          WATERPROOF!
  • -          Skin-friendly high performance
  • -          Turbo Power (This feature increases the RPM and provides a boost for fast results on thick hair)
  • -          Quick charge
  • -     2 Years world wide Warranty


  • -          The only drawback worth mentioning would be the heating issue, but it is on a negligible scale.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Strongly recommended supplements for vegetarians - Body Building 2017

Strongly recommended supplements for insane gains for vegetarians

 If I had penny for every time I heard someone say “Building muscle is impossible without meat”, I would no doubt be a millionaire by now! Before I could go on any further, let me clear the tension in the air. That statement is complete farce. I’ve been an ectomorph majority of my life and I was always told and led to believe that I could never actually gain any mass without feeding on dead animals, but then I started investigating, it was too absurd for me to comprehend that vegetarians can never sport on a good body.

I agree that it took me some time to understand my body and how it works and it’s requirement, initially I added extra meals to my diet (Oats/Wheat bread sandwiches/Quinoa etc.), 3 meals a day slowly turned to 5 meals a day. Consumed all the naturally driven protein rich products known to vegans and I could clearly notice changes. But unfortunately my dream was short lived as I couldn’t discern any significant progress after a 1 year mark and it was almost like my body stopped growing. Working 10 hours a day didn’t help or let me accommodate more time for an extra meal or extra hours of workout.  That was until I found my way to the world of SUPPLEMENTS.

Regrettably, most people from the place where I come from (India) have a pre-conceived notion that “All supplements are drugs and would severely affect your health if used” which is sad as it has a plethora of benefits if properly used. That said most of the supplements out there contains meat/egg which is a huge red signal for vegetarians like me, I’ve scrutinised and have done some extensive research on supplements which can be consumed by Vegetarians with fear.

I could easily claim that Whey protein would be the most common and most consumed suppliant by body builders all around the world. If you don’t already have this in your diet, I would strongly recommend this to everybody from beginners to advanced body builders. Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, with the other being Casein Protein. When a coagulant (usually renin) is added to milk, the curds and whey separate. Whey protein is the water-soluble part of milk. The absorption rate of Whey is super-fast, which means it also increases muscle protein synthesis used to break a fasted state. Whey protein is the collection of globular proteins isolated from whey.

Note: - Whey in its purest form is vegetarian, you need to ensure that you are buying 100% Whey Isolate as some brands sell their products with the tag “Whey”, but include animal products. Always check the Ingredients label.

Best time to consume: - Within first hour post work out.

Ideal consumption: - 1 – 1 ½ scoop.

The below are the best vegetarian Whey protein supplement products.


Probably the most scrutinized product due to its shocking results, you’ll be pumping heavy iron and increased rep ranges once you’ve consumed this bae. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle. This is achieved by increasing the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). So basically these are like pocket batteries with 0 calories, but bursting with energy once taken, you may compare this to “Senzu beans”. For all Non-Dragon ball Z fans. Please Google

Note: - Creatine doesn’t gel well with water; you’ll only end up drinking clumps of creatine. So try blending it with Whey or Gatorade or any fruit juice apart from Orange juice. Also consume a minimum of 3-4 Liters of waters to avoid protein concentration.

Best time to consume: - Within first hour post work out. (Loading phase – I would suggest 5 grams pre-workout as well)

Ideal consumption: - 5 grams a day.

The below are the best vegetarian Creatine supplement products.

(3) BCAA

BCAA or Branched-chain amino acids an amino acid having aliphatic side-chains with a branch (a central carbon atom bound to three or more carbon atoms). Among the protein genic amino acids, there are three BCAAs: Lucien, isoleucine and valine Non-protein genic BCAAs include 2-aminoisobutyric acid. BCAA basically stimulate protein synthesis, .and might do so to a greater extent than a normal protein on it which is a huge plus point in bulking up.

Note: - I would personally suggest that you take in BCAA supplementation if you are not already meeting your daily requirement of protein including Whey.

Protein calculation to understand if you need BCAA:
Your weight * 1.4. i.e.  60 Kgs (Your weight) * 1.4 = 84 gms

Best time to consume: - During workouts. (Also can include as a pre-workout shake)

Ideal consumption: - Can be taken in 5g dosages, 2-4 times daily

The below are the best vegetarian BCAA supplement products.

Glutamine is non-essential and conditionally essential in humans, but plays an important role metabolism of protein, increasing cell volume and anti-catabolism. Glutamine also helps in increasing your ability to secrete Human Growth Hormone, which in turn helps to metabolize body fat and facilitates new muscle growth. The major notable benefit is that, Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles.

Note: - Though very helpful, make sure you consume as per the recommended consumption level as Taking excessive amounts of Glutamine may lead to upset stomachs.

Best time to consume: - Works well both pre and post work out.

Ideal consumption: - Can be taken in 5g dosages, 2-3 times daily

The below are the best vegetarian Glutamine supplement products.

Every human body requires a wide and complex variety of vitamins and nutrients to perform in its optimal level and unfortunately keeping track and consuming sufficient amount of these components can be quiet tedious, that’s where Multivitamin takes center stage. Multivitamin helps cover up the overall vitamin/nutrient deficit content in your body. It takes care of the overall need of your body’s daily requirement of Vitamins and minerals.

Note: - Heads up, most Multivitamins leave behind an unpleasant taste in your mouth, but trust me – it’s worth it when you see all those insane gains.

Best time to consume: - After your breakfast meal.

Ideal consumption: - One capsule a day.

The below are the best vegetarian Multivitamin supplement products

Famous Celebrity shredded Body builders on a Vegetarian diet:

Brad Pitt,

John Abraham,Vidyut Jammwal , Liam Hemsworth, Aamir Khan, Travis Barker